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About LinguaExpress

LinguaExpress at Sookmyung Women’s University was founded in 1967 as the Language Laboratory. It has played a major role in teaching English to students at Sookmyung Women’s University. It was reorganized by the International Center for Language Education in May in 1998 and by LinguaExpress, the Language Institute of Language Education, in August 2000. LinguaExpress has evolved to build its current highly effective language education system..

LinguaExpress offers General English Courses, Long-Term or Short-Term Language Training Courses, an English Pronunciation Clinic, Freshman Pre-University Language Courses, Intensive English Courses, Graduation Certification Alternative Courses, Language Advising Service for Career guidance, and Korean Teacher Training Courses. LinguaExpress has supported the development of customized individual language skills.

Pursuing the vision of Sookmyung Women’s University, a leading and highly creative university, LinguaExpress has been continuously committed to expanding the Sookmyung Globalization Specialized Programs, Sookmyung Globalization, Cultural Exchanges, Multicultural Empowerment throughout Korean Programs and Foreign Language Programs.

A Professional and systematic education system, high quality of language education, excellent faculty, who hold Master’s or Doctoral degrees in English major, and authentic language education ensure that students improve their English skills and learn international manners, culture, and global leadership. LinguaExpress is quicky becoming the top global education center in Korea.

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